Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Children of the Yishuv -- Negba, 1946

Children of Negba, 1946. Two years later they
had to be evacuated. Note the watertower.
Cuter kids may be harder to find than these from Kibbutz Negba. The photo is from the Library of Congress American Colony collection taken 65 years ago in 1946.

Kibbutz Negba was founded in 1939 in southern Israel.  In those days, several settlements were built almost overnight in response to Arab rioting across Palestine and to challenge British mandate restrictions. 

When the 1948 war broke out, Negba was in the path of the Egyptian army moving north.  The children were evacuated prior to furious attacks on the kibbutz by the Egyptians and local Arab militias.  Forty-three kibbutz members and soldiers died blocking the onslaught.

Negba after the war.

Negba's watertower is a memorial today

Today, Negba has 700 residents and is in the process of expansion.

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