Monday, August 8, 2011

Straining to Glimpse the Western Wall and Temple Mount 80 Years Ago

Longing from afar. The Western Wall and Temple Mount
It is unclear when this picture was taken.  The title on the Library of Congress photo states, "The Temple area. Western wall of Temple area. Distant view of so-called Wailing Wall."  The date on the picture is "between 1920 and 1933."

Is it possible that the Jews in the picture couldn't get to the Western Wall?  And to go would mean risking their lives?  If that's the case then this picture was probably taken in 1929 or 1936.

In those years Arab attackers killed and wounded scores of Jews, and to go to the Kotel was to risk life and limb. 

The American Colony photographers found it noteworthy to film the deserted Kotel on both occasions.  View pictures of Jews fleeing the Old City of Jerusalem in 1929 and 1936 here.

1936 Riots. Lt. Gen. Dill visits Western Wall
1929 Riots. Western Wall



    Apologize for my English, I'm an Hebrew speaker

    I have a possible proposed identification for the image link below ( )
    Compare with image below (from Wikimedia-Commons: )

    * the street could be the end of Sultan Suleiman Street today, the eastern part, prior to Herod's Gate.

    * the structure located in picture "over" flag, is probably the Buliding of the front of the second picture, the building retained its original shape, and it now serves as E-Rashidiya High School, near the Rockefeller Museum,

    Israel Krul, from the National Library of Israel, Jerusalem, Israel

  2. In October 1936, there was Martial law for a period and over one Shabbat and no one could get to the Kotel except for one group of 10 for a short visit led by Eri Jabotinsky and members of the Plugat HaKotel unit of Bedtar excorted by police.