Monday, September 5, 2011

Children of the Yishuv - Gat

Children of Gat and their puppies (1946)

Goliath would not recognize the land of the Philistines and his home town of Gat, one of five biblical cities (along with Asheklon, Ekron, Gaza and Ashdod) that made up the Philistine kingdom in 1200 before the common era. 

Known as the "sea people," the Philistines are believed to have originated in the Aegean Sea, particularly Mycenae.    
American Colony caption: 1946
 Baby "Jews"  enjoying sun and
open air in their birthday suits
Kibbutz Gat 1946

 In 1942, Kibbutz Gat was established near the site of the Biblical Gat. 

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