Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Gates of Jerusalem Then and Now, Part II
Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate (circa 1860)
The Jerusalem Old City's Damascus Gate, also known as the Nablus Gate (Sha'ar Schem), faces north toward those two cities.  It is part of the wall of the Old City built in 1540 during the reign of the Ottoman ruler, Suleiman the Magnificent.

Archeologists found a Roman gate built by Hadrian in the second century, probably on the foundations of an even earlier gate.

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The gate is adjacent to the Old City's Muslim and Christian quarters. 
Indian and British troops protecting
 the Gate, April 1920
Anti-Zionist demonstration, March 1920

Troops at Damascus Gate 1929

Old City held by insurgents against
British, 1938. Damascus Gate locked
As the Library of Congress pictures illustrate, the gate was the frequent battleground between the British Mandate forces and the local Arab population.  The pictures were taken in 1920, 1922, and 1938 when the local terrorist gangs actually took control of the Old City.  In October 1938 the British recaptured the city, as the Mandate report below states: 

Troops retaking the Old City
Oct. 1938
During the month [October 1938], the arrival of strong military reinforcements brought about an improvement of the security position. The Old City of Jerusalem, which had become the rallying point of a large number of bandits and from which acts of violence, murder and intimidation were being organized and perpetrated freely and with impunity, was fully re-occupied by the troops on the 19th of the month. This was a successful, organized operation of considerable magnitude.
Searching for weapons at Damascus
Gate, Sept. 1938

Damascus Gate today

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I am so glad the Jewish people have their land back.

  2. Wonderful collection. Only thing is the Damascus Gate is not Stephen's Gate. That is the Lion Gate, aka the Lamb's Gate, on the east wall.

    Thank you for posting these. I found out about your site through the Jerusalem Post.

  3. The news is that the top element of the Gate, its "crown" has been renewedx.

  4. התמונה השנייה מציגה את שער האריות ולא את שער שכם. חוץ מזה, איזו כתבה מעניינת! תודה רבה