Sunday, November 13, 2011

Israel Daily Picture Publishes its 100th Photo Essay

Israel Daily Picture (IDP) is publishing its 100th photo essay this week. After discovering the American Colony photo collection in the Library of Congress five months ago, we wondered if there are enough photographs and topics to sustain this blog.

The answer is clear: YES!  There are hundreds of pictures left to be analyzed and puzzles left to be solved. Hundreds of pictures showing Jewish life in the Holy Land 100 years ago need to be publicized.

The Israel Daily Picture has now been reprinted in many newspapers, blogs and social media sites.

At this stage, the IDP is initiating a short-term development project so that we can continue publication, research, translation, and even publication of a book. We seek: 
  • Organizational Sponsors
  • Publications interested in syndicating the IDP
  • Patrons
  • Subscribers (who voluntarily pay, the subscription is still free)
  • Individuals interested in dedicating a daily picture

 Interested parties contact  

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