Monday, December 19, 2011

Extraordinary Photos of Everyday Life in Jerusalem
75 Years Ago

Yemenite fruit vendor in Jerusalem
The American Colony photographers clearly enjoyed taking portraits of Jerusalem's citizens, particularly the poor, new immigrant and ultra-Orthodox Jews of Mea Shearim, the Old City, and the Bukharin Quarter. 

Bukharan Jewish washwoman

We present a gallery of the Library of Congress photos taken in the 1930s.

Click on photos to enlarge. Click on the caption to see the original.
Jewish milkman in Jerusalem
"Jewish scribe"

"Young Jewish jeweler using the
blow pipe"
Money Changer. The signs behind him say "room for rent, store
for rent, and apartment for rent." The name of the money
changer appears on the sign: Leib Goldberger, along with "Geld
Wexler" -- money changer in Yiddish. [thanks to readers who
caught our earlier mistake on the translation!]

Fruit store in Mea Shearim


  1. Surely "Geld Wexler" is just Yiddish/German for money changer? If not, that's a cracking name to have. :o)

  2. You should put these up in a gallery. These photos are brilliant.

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