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The Dream Comes True, Part 2 --
Haifa Port Constructed in 1933

Excavations at the nearby Atlit quarries (1920s)
In 1902, Theodore Herzl predicted a major seaport would be built in Haifa Bay.  In October 1933 the new port was inaugurated.  

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Diver at work

The Haifa harbor had to be dredged, sandbars had to cleared, foundations and pillars had to be sunk, and raw materials for the new port facilities had to be dug and transported from the nearby Atlit quarries.
Atlit boulder slated for the port

Dredging the Haifa harbor
The American Colony photographers recorded the extensive excavations and construction carried out.

And the photographers were there when the British High Commissioner officially opened the port in October 1933.

Official opening ceremony of the
Haifa harbor, Oct. 31, 1933

Pouring great cement blocks

Haifa Port today (Haifa Port)
Zionist leaders realized that the development of a port would have a tremendous impact on the region. As described by Joseph Glass in his book From New Zion to Old Zion, "The surrounding areas would enjoy speedy development as Haifa became the industrial hub of Palestine. The population would increase rapidly in order to service the new port and facilities, the associated industries, and the required service sectors. New neighborhoods and settlements would sprout up quickly to house the sizable population increase.  In turn, this would most likely lead to the development of nearby agricultural settlements to satisfy the urban area's need for dairy and poultry products, fruits, and vegetables."

View a video on the history of the Haifa port and a video on Haifa's new, advanced terminals and port facilities.  Haifa is expected to be one of the top 50 ports in the world.  

The main base of the Israeli Navy is also located in Haifa.

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  1. If you look at the online edition of the Palestine post and browse your way to Tuesday October 31st 1933 you will find a 28 page supplement on Haifa harbour. It was a pity the extensive opening celebrations had to be cancelled because of the riots. The grand opening was a very muted affair.