Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Steamroller in Jerusalem 100 Years Ago -- an Update

"Steamroller (sic) in Jerusalem" with U.S. and
Turkish flag outside of the Old City's Jaffa Gate
We recently posted a feature on a "streamroller" in the streets of Jerusalem.

We received this clarification from the folks at the British Road Roller Association.

My colleagues have responded that this is not a Steam Roller; it's an American-built Austin motor roller with two somewhat narrow flywheels (in the style of much later A&P motor rollers) - and I would therefore assume the flag denotes its origins. It's thought to be from around the time of WW1.


  1. I was in the exact same spot a year ago via the israel tourism showcase. How much has change in a hundred years. I wonder how much will change in another 100 years.

  2. Look at that motor roller. It's still surprising that the same road rollers we use today came from these rickety contraptions.