Sunday, July 8, 2012

OK, We're Stumped. Can Someone Explain Why There's a Jewish House in the Middle of the Road?

Why is this house in the middle of the road?
This picture was taken by the American Colony photographers sometime between 1934 and 1939. 

The caption reads, "Jewish house blocking asphalt highway between Yehudieh and Tel Aviv."

Any suggestions?  Submit your ideas below in the comment section. (Online version)

Kudos to our comment senders.  In your honor a screen capture from the movie Sallah Shabbati:

Sallah Shabbati about to leave in the middle of the road
a wardrobe closet he was paid to move


  1. Stubborn people. See Sallah Shabbati and the closet.

    Also see the bend in the road on Ben-Zvi across from Gan Sacher.

  2. Yes, that one in Jerusalem and the other, at the entrance almost to Bet Hakerem, on the south side of Shderot Herzl there is also a house that almost butts into the highway and the sidewalk is quite narrow as they wouldn't move.