Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Turkish Naval Base at the Dead Sea during World War I
Part 2 to a Previous Posting on Weapons Found at the Dead Sea

Unloading grain at the Dead Sea (1917)
Last week we posted a feature on the origins of a cache of antique German weapons found recently at the Dead Sea. The posting showed pictures of a World War I Turkish naval base and abandoned Turkish defense lines at the Dead Sea.
Turkish delegation received at Dead
Sea dock (1916)

The Turks' "Dead Sea Flotilla" (1917)

Towing barges of wheat (1917)

Shipping grain from the south end of
the Dead Sea to the north. No roads
connected the north and south parts
of the Dead Sea shores

As evidenced in these American Colony-Library of Congress album pictures, the Dead Sea was a major supply route for the Turkish army between eastern and western Palestine, particularly after Britain and its allies blockaded Mediterranean ports.

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  1. the Am Colony went to Syria, or at least it can be assumed that they did so, because modern Syria, the British mandate of "Palestine", and others, were one entity (i.e., there was no actual Palestinian entity).

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