Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Special Rosh Hashanna feature:
Treasures from the Library of Congress Archives --
Rosh Hashanna in New York 100 Years Ago

Tashlich prayer on the Brooklyn Bridge, 1919.
The Near Year prayer is traditionally said at a body
of water where the worshipper "casts" his/her sins
While this website focuses on historic pictures from the Land of Israel, we have also come across the Library of Congress Archives' photos of Jewish life in the United States.

In honor of the Jewish New Year, we offer a series of pictures of Rosh Hashanna 100 years ago in New York.

Tashlich (1909) and here

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Lining up for shoe shines on the eve of Rosh Hashanna
(circa 1910)

Rosh Hashanna prayers (circa 1905)
and here 

In front of a synagogue on Rosh Hashanna (circa 1910)

Boy in prayer shawl (1911)


  1. I was taken to the Lower East Side every year for a decade and more in the week before Rosh Hashana for shoes, trousers and underwear.

  2. Fascinating, how I wish we could time travel to get a glimpse of those times.