Saturday, December 1, 2012

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“The Hidden Message within
Antique Pictures of the Holy Land”

By Israel Daily Picture's publisher, Lenny Ben-David

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  1. While this is absolutley correct - "When the British attempted to arrest the Mufti in 1937 he fled Palestine" - can I add that previous to fleeing, he had been holed up in the Temple Mount compound which the British deigned not to enter for some strange reason (Sanctuary) although they did deprive him of his office first. He escaped, disguised as a woman.

  2. בלוג מקסים!
    יהיה נחמד אם תהיה אפשרות של חיפוש בתוך התכנים של הבלוג עצמם. בלוגספוט מאפשרים זאת על ידי תוסף חיפוש פשוט בגאדג'טים שלהם.