Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Calling on Jerusalemites:
Can You Find These Buildings 110 Years Later?

"Jerusalem Famille Juive" by Charles Chusseau-Flaviens (Credit: George
Eastman House, circa 1900)
Reviewing the historic photos of Jerusalem in the George Eastman House Museum, we came across this wonderful 110 year old picture taken by a French photographer, Charles Chusseau-Flaviens. 

It bears the caption "Jerusalem Famille Juive" -- a Jewish family in Jerusalem.

From their dress, we presume it is a Sabbath or Jewish holiday, and some of the shops are shuttered in mid-day.  Their walking in the middle of the street suggests that they're in a Jewish neighborhood and are not worried about carriages or horses.  And they're walking down an incline.
Google "Street View" looking up Malchai Yisrael Street in Jerusalem

The challenge: Can anyone locate these buildings in Jerusalem today? 
Over the course of 100 years buildings have been torn down, second stories added, and streets widened.

Are they walking down Jaffa Road toward the Old City?  We checked, and the store on the right is not the Ma'ayan Shtub shop. 

Perhaps they're walking through the Romema neighborhood on Malchei Yisrael Street toward Meah Shearim and the Old City beyond.  Thanks to Google's Street View program, we offer the possibility that the building is this shop with the distinctive rounded window and the two story building behind it with the unusual stonework on the edge of the walls.

We welcome readers' suggestions.

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  1. My guess, without checking, is David Street in the Bukharain neighborhood.

  2. זה רק דומה אבל ממש לא יכול להיות הרחוב המוצע כאן: מפתח הדלת הפינתית צר מדי, מסגרת החלון וזווית הקשת שלו ממש לא זהים, ולקומה השנייה מאחור בתמונה המקורית אין חלונות ואילו בחשדה - יש. גם לי זה מרגיש כמו הבוכרים. עכשיו רק צריך לבדוק איפה...

  3. It looks like Ezra, corner of Avraham Talmudi, facing NW.

  4. Thanks for the sharing of such information we will pass it on to our readers.