Sunday, January 6, 2013

Coming Attraction:
Rare Pictures of Another Vanishing Jewish Community

Two Jewish women (circa 1900)
In the next few weeks we will publish pictures we discovered in the Library of Congress archives of a vanishing Jewish community.  This picture of two Jewish women is part of the collection.

Below is a listing of some of the photo essays we posted in the past on vanishing or extinct Jewish communities.
Jews of Aleppo

Click on the city to view the posting:

Jews of Aleppo
Jews of Alexandria
Jews of Constantinople
Jews of Damascus
Jews of Kifl, Iraq (Ezekiel's Tomb)

    We are also updating the posting on the Jews of Damascus with these pictures of a Jewish home from approximately 1880 that we recently found.

    Courtyard of a Jewish home (Library of Congress, circa 1880)

    Another view of the courtyard

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        Click on the caption to see the original.

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