Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are the Locusts Returning?
The Plague of Locusts of 1915 Was of Biblical Proportions

A fig tree before the locust plague hit (Library of Congress)

The same fig tree after the locust plague hit
News accounts today report a plague of locusts in Egypt and sightings of locusts along Israel's border. 

The photographers of the American Colony in Jerusalem conducted an extensive photographic study of the locust plague of 1915 including the life cycle of the insects, the devastation, and attempts to eradicate. 

A year ago we presented here a photo essay on the photo collection.  Click here to view the whole article.

The aftermath of the plague

 Team waving flags tries to push a swarm of locusts into a
trap dug into the ground.  The Turkish governor demanded
that every man deliver 20 kilo (44 pounds) of locusts

The pictures presented here were hand colored by the American Colony Photographic Dept.

Click on pictures to enlarge.  Click on the caption to view the original picture.

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