Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coming Soon: The "Cigarbox Collection"
-- a Family Heirloom of Incredible Pictures

A book? No, a cigarbox
An avid reader of this site has allowed Israel Daily Picture to become "home" to his incredible collection of pictures of the Land of Israel assembled almost 100 years ago by his father. We received the collection in an old cigarbox this week and are in the process of digitalizing the high resolution pictures, translating German captions, and identifying those pictures without captions. 
The contents of the cigarbox

More on the collection and the generous owner of the collection will be provided soon.

Meanwhile, here are several preview samples:

The children of Nahalal (circa 1920s).  It is possible that one of these boys was Moshe Dayan who was born in 1915?

.A matzah factory in Haifa.  The signs on the left read "For the purpose of the commandment of matzah" --
a reminder to the workers to keep their intentions on the commandment.  The signs on the right, in Hebrew and
French, read "No smoking" and "No Spitting"

Smoking and spitting are prohibited
"For the matzah mitzva"

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