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Introducing David Blick of Brooklyn,
Private in the Jewish Legion, Palestine, April 8, 1918 - March 18, 1920

Private David Blick, Jewish Legion
David Blick was born in Odessa in 1893. In 1913 he left Russia, briefly lived in France, and then moved to the United States.  In New York he enlisted in the British army's Jewish Legion and was assigned to the Royal Fusiliers.

We thank Yakov Marks and his wife, Rena Chaya Brownstein Marks, for providing these pictures of her maternal grandfather, David Blick. Yakov noted, "While camped in the
David and Rachel Blick standing on
what appears to be a boat (in
Haifa harbor?)
area of Rishon LeZion, David met and later married Rachel Churgin of Yaffo. They were forced to leave Eretz Yisrael by the British."

Here is David Blicks' autobiographical account that he provided to the Album of the Jewish Legion:
I was born in Odessa Russia on February 23, 1896.  I attended both a yeshiva and gymnasium in that city.  Early in 1913 I left Russia and settled in Paris, France for a year and a half. In July, [1915?] I migrated to United States.  For the first three years I lived in the city of Boston and I was an active member of the Poale Zion Party. 
Early in 1918 I joined the Jewish Legion and served in Eretz Yisrael with the 39th Battalion Royal Fusiliers. During my service in Israel I met and married my wife Rachel Churgin.
In February 1920 I left Israel first for England and then in the United States. I have lived in the United States since 1920....

Pvt. David Blick's Jewish Legion unit in Eretz Yisrael

More photographs from the Blick/Marks family album
The Royal Fusiliers on the way to action
Blick's unit.

David Blick's army discharge papers

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