Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Treasures from the "Cigarbox Collection" -- Part 2

The cigarbox collection
We continue to scan and research the treasure trove of photographs donated to Israel Daily Picture, pictures taken by the donor's father in the Land of Israel in the first decades of the 20th century. We hope to unveil the collection and the donor's account in his own words in the near future.

Meanwhile, we present two more special pictures and a response to yesterday's picture from Yizraela, an octogenarian from Nahalal, who is an expert on the early days of the community and its photographs.

Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek in the Jezreel Valley (circa 1926) with Mt Tabor in the background.
 The community was evacuated briefly during the 1929 Arab riots. In the 1948 war it was attacked by
Arab artillery and aircraft.
Young women doing laundry.  A notation on the back of the photo says that they are Yemenites.  Are they Jewish? The talit prayer shawl in the tub suggests that they are. (circa 1920)
The talit

Yizraela Bloch (named for the "Jezreel" Valley where she was born) is the photo archivist of Nahalal.  The spry octogenarian was shown yesterday's photo of the children of Nahalal and asked if one of the boys could be Moshe Dayan. 

The children of Nahalal and their teacher

She responded: "Moshe Dayan couldn't be one of the children in the picture because you can see the water tower that was built in 1924 in the background. The building in the foreground was the kindergarten and behind it the first grade class room. In 1924 Moshe Dayan would have been older than the kids in the picture." [Dayan was born in 1915.]

Confirming the unique nature of the "Cigarbox collection," Yizraela was very interested in the photograph which she doesn't have in the archive collection. She was also surprised that she didn't know the kindergarten teacher in the photo.

Our special thanks to NSP for interviewing Yizraela.

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