Friday, April 26, 2013

The "Cigarbox Collection" Part 3 -- the Arabs of Palestine,
and a Clarification

A Bedouin family near the Hula Lake. Homes were made from reeds. The
lake was partially drained in the late 1800s. Later Jewish efforts drained the
malarial swamps. (circa 1920)
An Arab street in Haifa, ironically called "al Yahud" (the
Jews) street, according to a note on the picture's back (c 1920)

The village of Kalkilya. Enlarging the photo shows a woman
with a jug on her head, suggesting the structure is a well
Among the photographs we received in the "Cigarbox Collection" are several pictures of Arab life in Palestine approximately 100 years ago.
Days before our formal "opening" of the collection, we continue to provide previews. 
Today's pictures come from the Arab communities in Kalkilya, Haifa and the Hula Valley.

Mishmar Ha'emek from the 1920s
(Keren Hayesod)


We previously posted this picture from the Cigarbox Collection.  Some of the pictures, such as this one, bear a stamp on the back saying "Photo Keren Hayesod."  The Central Zionist Archives contains some 50,000 pictures from the organization which was established in 1920.

We discovered this picture in the Harvard Library files, but it was dated "1948-1946."  We suggest that the photograph, part of other pictures in the Cigarbox Collection, was taken in 1926, soon after Mishmar Ha'emek's establishment.

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