Thursday, May 30, 2013

Major Update/Correction Coming --
Mystery Picture of Jerusalem's Old Train Station Gets Nailed

Arrival ceremony at the train station. But when was the
picture taken?  Between "1898 and 1946."
Earlier this week we presented a feature on the "New Old Train Station in Jerusalem," and we published this photo of an arrival ceremony at the station.  

Several clues led us to conclude the soldiers were British Royal Fusiliers and that the picture was taken between 1920 and 1936.

Acting commissioner  Mark Aitchison Young

Young (Wikipedia)

Now, veteran Israeli tour guide Zvi Bessin has nailed the picture: It was taken on November 20, 1931, when acting British High Commissioner Sir Mark Aitchison Young received the new commissioner, Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope.  

The day was Friday, and the shadows suggest evening was approaching.  The clock which appears to show 9:30 may, in fact, not be working. By our reckoning, the soldiers were facing east, the dignitaries facing west.  The setting sun was shining on the dignitaries' faces. The lateness of the day and the approach of the Sabbath may explain why Jewish leadership was absent from the station ceremony.

Young served only 20 days until his successor arrived. Wauchope served as high commissioner until 1937.

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  1. So is that the mufti in the white turban on the left of the picture, standing to the left of the guy with his hands in his jacket pockets?