Friday, June 14, 2013

A Note from the Owner of the "Cigarbox Collection"

The "Cigarbox Collection"
We will continue to scan and publish more photographs from the incredible collection we call the "Cigarbox Collection. " The pictures were taken and collected by the Austrian chemist Dr. Rudolph Avraham Seiden some 90 years ago.

His son, Dr. Othniel Seiden, sent us the collection for study and publication.

This week we received a letter from Dr. Othniel Seidon: 

I'm delighted beyond words with what you have done with my father's "Cigar Box Photos."  The quality of reproduction and the research you have put into them is far beyond my expectations.  Thank you for giving them such a wonderful home so they won't just be lost.  -- Othniel Seiden.

Dr. Seiden, we thank you, and we're honored to give tribute to you and your father who was a "Blue & White" pioneer, helping Jews reach the Land of Israel.

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