Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Isn't It Nice that Somethings Never Change in Jerusalem

A drug store in Jerusalem in the 1930s (Library of Congress)

The American Colony photographers took this picture about 80 years ago. The caption in the Library of Congress archives reads "A street corner in the Rehavia Quarter, Jerusalem."

Identifying the store and the street today is easy for veteran Jerusalemites.  The pharmacy is still there; they haven't even changed the Hebrew and English "Pharmacy" signs over the windows. New stories were added to the building but it's not hard to locate the store on the corner of Keren Kayemet and Ibn Ezra Streets.

The same drug store today (Google Streetview)

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  1. Frumkeit has the merit that it never changes .
    Where is the chidush :")

  2. It appears that they did change the sign, but kept the spirit of the original. Notice that the font is slightly different. The old one is "blockier".