Friday, June 14, 2013

This Boy Was No Millionaire -- A Correction

Math lesson in Machane Yehuda (Cigarbox
Last month we unveiled the "Cigarbox Collection" of Dr. Othniel Seidon.  We introduced the picture of the barefoot Orthodox boy from the Machane Yehuda neighborhood in Jerusalem. 

Our original caption read: "The drill -- if a worker earns 17.5 Eretz Yisrael pounds a day, how much would he earn for six days?"

In a letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post Magazine where this feature also appeared, David Amini pointed out that the "math lesson is actually talking about grushim (see the gimmel) instead of lirot.  If the worker had earned 105 lirot a week in those days, he would retire after a year.  He is really earning only 105 grushim a week, which is the equivalent of 1.05 pounds.

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