Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Photo Essay?
Here Are Ours

With more than 300 photo essays published, and in preparation for a book, we would like to know which are your favorite photos and essays.  

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Here are some of our favorites over the last two years:
Rabbi Kook

* Rabbi Kook, Chief Rabbi of Palestine, meets President Coolidge in the White House in 1924.

The Emperor arrives
* The Jews of Jerusalem welcome the German Emperor in 1898.

Expulsion 1929
* The expulsion of the Jews of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1929, 1936, and 1948.

First pictures of the Kotel
* The first pictures of the Western Wall in the 1850s.

German General
* The German general who saved the Jews of Palestine from massacre in 1917.

Surrender of Jerusalem
* The surrender of Jerusalem to British sergeants in World War I.

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Why are these children marching?

* The mysterious picture of Jewish children marching - where, why, and when?

Rachel's Tomb
* First photographs of Rachel's Tomb, Tomb of the Patriarchs and Tomb of Joseph.

From Jew to Christian preacher

* The first Jewish photographer in Jerusalem. Why did he and his photographs disappear?

Contents of the Cigarbox

* The "Cigarbox collection" of photos returns to the Land of Israel.

Australian light cavalry

* The Australians capture Be'er Sheva in 1917.

Old Yemenite Jew

* The arrival of Yemenite Jews in the 1800s-- "The Gadites"

Under Al Aqsa mosque
* The secret photos taken under the Temple Mt in Jerusalem.

Jaffa Gate

* The gates of Jerusalem's Old City.

Hebron synagogue

* Photos after the 1929 massacre in Hebron.

Doctor and elderly Jews
* The Christian doctor in Tiberias who treated and photographed Jewish patients.

Yemin Moshe
* The first Jewish communities outside of Jerusalem, and the new Jewish settlements in the Galilee.

Jerusalem child

* The little children of the Land of Israel.

"Ruth" 100 years ago
* The Book of Ruth Re-enacted.

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  1. As I am a local patriot, I'll wait until you post one concerning Shiloh to vote for it.

  2. Kook, under the Temple, anything with Allenby. Good luck with the book.

    Alan Abbey

  3. The secret photos taken under the Temple Mt in Jerusalem - Looking forward to the book.

    Larry Pirkle

  4. I love all the pictures. I would like to preserve them. Therefore, I have been painting in oil a couple of them. And some in pencil and ink. I love you Israel. Some day, before I leave this world I would like to visit.

  5. My favorites are the 'firsts' - first photos of the Western Wall, Kever Rachel, Maarat Hamachpela... Also those documenting immigrants from Middle Eastern and further countries. And those showing the daily life of Jews so many years ago. It's all fascinating!

  6. "Isn't It Nice that Somethings Never Change in Jerusalem" posted 3 June 2013
    "One 80-Year-Old Picture of Jerusalem's Old City
    Is Worth 1,000 Words of of History" posted 13 December 2012
    "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It ... Rain" posted 31 January 2012

  7. The 1913 photo "Old Road from Shechem to Jerusalem," with the wagons passing each other which shows those very ancient terraces just waiting for the people of Israel to come home and replant. Actually, any of the landscapes of Judea and Samaria that show how empty the land really was back then; such as views of Shechem, Jacob's Well, Joseph's Tomb, Rachel's Tomb, Mt Gerizim (Har Bracha). Thanks for giving me the chance to share, Sue

  8. This is very good stuff. Thanks for sharing. :)