Friday, October 18, 2013

It's the final countdown...

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  1. I enjoy viewing Israel Daily Picture because when I see the photos it's like I'm viewing my history and my homeland.

  2. I enjoy viewing Israel Daily Picture because it reveals the richness of the Jewish culture in Israel. The IDP helps illuminate the story of Israel and its people. Unlike the other media of the day, the story shown here is based on facts, both good and bad. The IDP shows how God has been restoring his people, the sons of Isaac to the city of God, Jerusalem and the land of Israel. The IDP reveals how the Jews have deep roots that never died out in the land of Israel. The IDP shows how these roots are interwoven with so many other cultures. The IDP shows the tough resilience of the Jewish people that overcame all the challenges thrown at them by various powers that came and went while they remained and then prospered. They prospered in spite of all that others did unjustly to them. It is not hard to see that God blessed the Jews and those that blessed them. The IDP also shows the Jewish permanence in the land while those that did little to help and much to harm them have been blown away by the winds of time and history. Shalom to Jerusalem and Israel!

  3. It's so amazing to see how little and yet how much has changed by the Jaffa Gate. Israel has really taken care of its treasures. I pray they are able to keep their unified city.