Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Chatham Library Photo Treasures Part 3,
Jerusalem, Holy to All Religions.
Responsible Archivists Are Digitizing their Vintage Pictures

Beneath Robinson's arch on the western wall of the Temple Mt. complex  (Chatham University Archives, circa 1890)

The Chatham Library archives contains 110 photos of the Holy Land, but we have focused on the photos of Jerusalem.  We present today the third part of our series. 

Reconstruction model of the Arch
(Wikimedia Commons)

We express our admiration and gratitude to the archivists at Chatham University for digitizing these hand-colored slides dating back to about 1890.

The picture of Robinson's Arch published above is the base of a massive arch built by King Herod.  Archaeologists believe it was the anchor for a large bridge or staircase from the top of the Temple Mount.

Map of Jerusalem (Chatham University Archives, circa 1895). Note the "Railroad
Sta" on the bottom left. The Jerusalem Train Station was completed in 1892.
The Chatham collection also contains a map of Jerusalem.

Note that few buildings were to be found outside of the Old City walls.

The Jerusalem Railroad station was completed in 1892, and can be located at the bottom left of the map.  The map, therefore, was printed after 1892.

The reference to the train station can also date the following picture's caption.  The photograph was taken near the location of the Mt Zion Hotel of today, itself the refurbished St. John's Eye Hospital established in 1882.

"Jerusalem - Road to the Station." The road starts at the Jaffa Gate and passes over the Hinom Valley
and Sultan's Pool  (Chatham University Archives, circa 1895)

The Mosque of Omar (Chatham University Archives, circa 1890).  The second mosque on the Temple Mount,
the al-Aqsa Mosque, is holier to Muslims than the Mosque of Omar, but 19th and early 20th century photographers
focused much more on "the Dome of the Rock" Mosque of Omar

Inside the Dome of the Rock, Mosque of Omar (Chatham University Archives, circa 1890). The photo
appears to be a colorization of a photo by Maison Bonfils. According to Jewish tradition, the rock is the
foundation stone of the Jewish Temples. See more here.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Chatham University Archives, circa 1890)

Amidst the ancient Jewish graves are the tombs of "Absalom (from left to right), Zacharias
 and James," in the Kidron Valley (Chatham University Archives, circa 1890)

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