Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When Responsible Archivists Preserve Their Photographic Treasures

Prayers at the Western Wall. What's unusual about
the photo?
Research by this publication indicates that in recent years libraries and archives around the world have begun to digitize the vintage photographs stored in their files and basements for many decades. 

Besides the vast Library of Congress digitized collection that we have extensively focused on, Israel Daily Picture has also published historic digitized photos from -
  • New York Public Library
  • Harvard Library
  • Emory University Library
  • Dundee (Scotland) Medical School Archives
  • Private family collections, including the "Cigarbox Collection,"
  • Oregon State University
  • Getty Collection
  • Chatham University Archives
  • Palestine Exploration Fund
A Jerusalem synagogue. What was its fate?
In future weeks we will present more essays and incredible photographs from the collections of a European church and two U.S. university archives. We are in the process of securing permission from the archivists and librarians before we publish them, and we are searching for more such collections.

We thank the librarians and archivists who have already digitized their collections and granted us permission to post their photographs.  As our million visitors can testify, the photographs will be viewed around the world.

We provide credits and links in all future postings.  For now, we present two "coming attraction" teasers. 

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