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More Amazing Photos by Shlomo and Sonia Narinsky --
Jewish Photographers Exiled by the Turks, Swept Up by the Nazis

"A Vernomito (Yemenite) Jew in Jerusalem"
 (Library of Congress, 1921) See also "A
Spanish Jew of Jerusalem"
"A Bedouin in his happy mood,"
(Library of Congress, 1921)

A rabbi and his grandson (Ynet News)

We first introduced our readers to the Narinskys' photographs in July 2013. 

Last week we were contacted by Laurent Phillippe who introduced us to his Jewish post card blog which contains more photos taken by the Narinsky's.  We're happy to present them here and to encourage readers to visit Phillippe's site.

To recap, Shlomo Narinsky was born in the Ukraine in 1885 and studied art in Moscow,
Jewish woman (Phillippe collection, 1921)
Paris and Berlin before moving to Palestine where he set up a studio.  In 1916, Shlomo and his wife were exiled to Egypt by the Turkish rulers.  They returned to the Land of Israel after the British captured the territory in 1918.

In 1932, the Narinskys opened a studio in Paris, but Shlomo was arrested when the Nazis captured France. He was later exchanged for a German spy caught in Palestine after the intercession of David Ben-Gurion and Yitzchak Ben-Zvi. The Narinskys returned to Israel, eventually moving to Haifa where Shlomo taught as a photography teacher.  He died in 1960, relatively unknown.

Laurent Phillippe's collection also includes many vintage postcards/photographs of Jewish life a century ago in North Africa and Europe.

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Jewish village of Yavniel established in the Galilee in 1901  (Phillippe collection, 1921)

Beneath Mt.Tabor in the Galilee (Phillippe collection, 1921)

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