Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Part 2: The Church of Ireland Library's 115-Year-Old Photographic Treasure

Carriage parking lot outside of Jerusalem's Old City's Jaffa Gate and beneath David's Citadel. The photo pre-dates
 the opening made adjacent to Jaffa Gate to enable entrance of the German Emperor's carriage in 1898.  View
inside Jaffa Gate HERE  Credit: RCB Library, 1897).
We present here Part 2 from the Church of Ireland Library's photographic collection of pictures taken by David Brown in 1897.  View Part 1 HERE

The Church of Ireland's Representative Church Body Library's full collection can be viewed HERE.

The photos here are presented with the permission of the RCB Library.

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On the road to the Jerusalem train station with Jaffa Gate and David's Citadel in the background. Other 19th
Century photographers also used this same perspective for a landscape picture of Jerusalem.
(Credit: RCB Library, 1897)

Rachel's tomb between Jerusalem and Bethlehem (Credit: RCB Library, 1897)  View a previous feature on
Rachel's tomb HERE
Money changer in Jerusalem (apparently Jewish). A picture of money changers was also a standard photo taken by
photographers visiting the Holy Land, perhaps because of the New Testament story of Jesus and the money changers. 
View an earlier posting on money changers and their unique tables HERE.  (Credit: RCB Library, 1897)

"Plowing with an ox and ass" -- the original caption. This is another standard picture by 19th century photographers,
apparently because of the Biblical prohibition "Thou shall not plow with an ox and an ass together" (Deuteronomy XX).
 View a previous posting on photographing Biblical prohibitions HERE. (Credit: RCB Library, 1897)

The Golden Gate of the Old City. The sealed gates, the closest to the location of the Jewish Temples, face the
Mt. of Olives.  View a previous posting on the Golden Gate, also known as Sha'ar Harachamim, HERE.
(Credit: RCB Library, 1897)
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