Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snow in Jerusalem -- Pictures We Presented in Winters Past

Jerusalem under blanket of snow. View from the Christian Quarter showing the Church of the Holy Sepulchre,
Mosque of Omar on the Temple Mount and Mt. of Olives. (circa 1900)

Strong rain, winds and snow storms are hitting the Middle East this week.  And snow is falling today in Jerusalem, the Golan and parts of the Galilee.

We present here pictures of snow in Jerusalem taken early in the 20th century and found in the Library of Congress collection. 

British soldiers at the Western Wall (1921)

Children of the "American Colony" (1921). These pictures were hand-colored and found in a Colony family album.

Children of the "American Colony" playing in the snow (1921)

"Snow-balling" on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem (1942)

Australian soldiers and Arabs "snow-balling" (1942)

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