Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Israel Radio -- Kol Yisrael -- Commemorates 80 years of Broadcasting Today

We found in the Library of Congress a picture of the inaugural broadcast.
Library of Congress caption: Photograph shows radio engineer Moshe Rubin transmitting the special
broadcast during the opening of the Palestine Broadcasting Service, Ramallah, March 30, 1936


  1. The background photo at the top of the page is interesting. I think I can see the hotel we stayed at on one of our week-ends off-base while doing Sar-El (Google it). Nah, jus' kidding. Picture a Day adds so much to our ten "hitches" with Sar=El. Thank you.

  2. THe first Jewish run broadcasting service was based in Ramallah? Were Jews living in Ramallah prior to 1948?

  3. Interesting that it was from Ramallah. Must have had a decent sized Jewish community there, and they must have had some level of harmonious relations with the Arab community.